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Lucky - M Agency Licensed Crewing Agency - Cruise ships jobs

Lucky - M Agency EOOD sets out its passenger ships crew selection and embarkation activity in the beginning of 1999 being the only marine crew agency in Northern Bulgaria (not counting Varna). In July of previous 1998 the Agency founder Lachezar Genov signs a reqruitment of Bulgarian crew nationals contract for one of the most popular and powerful companies - Carnival Cruise Lines based in Miami, Florida. By that time he has been working for Carnival Cruises in the Restaurant Service Department. The moment comes when in 1999 CCL managers visit Bulgaria for the first time to carry out an interview, hunting for young motivated people seeking a job on cruise ships. The enterprise starts up in a small office in town of Russe in the absence of a well-developed basis available and not a trace of customer trust (which is crucial in that industry). In 2002 - 2003 it rose to one of the most reliable and "bet-on-it" hospitality personnel companies disposing of some 300 new hired clients per year. About those days the Agency starts running an office in the center of Bulgaria's capital. Indeed, no aggressive advertising campaigns come necessary in the way: the experience and trust shared amidst our older clients soared us up well enough. We do have clients from Macedonia, Romania, Turkey and the Ukraine as well. The Agency builds customer confidence by absence of empty promises and, also, by furnishing clients with loads of information concerning work and living conditions aboard, much of it especially delivered from personal experience.

Our aims stay focused on complex and all-inclusive servicing of our potential and present clients as well as keeping up to the needs and requirements of ship owners/employers.

Dear candidates,It is of crucial importance that You understand the degree of seriousness of your desire to work on a ship: it would be naive to think of it as just short temporary engagement, a teenage adventure or simply relaxation and merry holidays break. After You win a job, You take up a long-term engagement for work at sea. After You get the job, You actually get a longterm engagement for work at sea in the cruise industry. Bear in mind an ocean liner is virtually a "vast floating hotel", offering 24 hours top service to clients. For example, ships of the MS Conquest class bear the capacity of 110 000 Gross Register Tons, do accommodate up to 3500 passengers plus 1200 crew members and staff.

If You are an ambitious young person and really speak good English, explore this site and contact us!

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