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Do I need to come to the Agency office to register with you and submit my documents file?

YES - preselection is carried out upon contact in person, furthermore we have the obligation to exclusively provide applicants detailed information concerning conditions of working on a ship proper. In cases when people happen to have already been our clients, it is not as important that we should meet personally for a preliminary interview and detailed information.

What happens after I have been registered with your agency?

We enter Your datafile in our Pool of applicants anticipating interview and strait after we obtain an assigned interview date we duly invite You personally on the telephone.

What is a cruise ship job interview like?

Final job interviews are anticipated event from all of us. Exact schedule for them, we don't have, for pity. Usually the Cruise companies declare needs for Recruiting and determine the date. Interviews are held once or twice a year, in exact day and time and your precise attendance is required. Recruiting sessions are usually held in a Hotel room (booked by us in advance) in Ruse, seldom Sofia or Bucaresht. Interview starts with presentation words for the cruising company, the ships, the conditions and the wanted posts. Afterwards comes the "one -on - one" meetings/ conversation with each and everyone - app. 10-15 min. That's the moment when you have to give the best of you, prove your skills, motivation, without being hesitant or nervous.

Results are clear within 2 days time. We inform and salute each one approved by phone and Congratulation letter.

What is the proper preparation and dress-code for the interview?

It's mandatory to present yourself in a formal attire - not expensive suits, but clean, presentable clothes. It's said " First impression matters"

When do approved applicants embark on board on ship?

The stand by period is 1-4 months, when documents would be processed - passports, visa, medicals, air flights - all these are processed and assisted by our Agency. About 20 days prior to your embarkation date, all should be set up. At that point we send an arrival confirmation to the company - it is essential confirmation notice to the Employer that you are ready for embarkation and start to work aboard.

So far I have never worked on a ship. What is work on board a ship like, what about living on the cruise vessel?

We will furnish You with detailed information about this aspect in the time of the orientation classes taking place in the agency office, we also hand out information brochures, play video materials so you get the right idea of what is expected (as well as what should not be done) by you onboard, and not least in importance we will tell You first-hand real experience moments and will explain bit-by-bit Your job position description.

NONETHELESS, You really MUST be clear about the following: Work onboard a ship belongs to the domain of SERVICE, it requires responsibility, self-dedication, making efforts and, smiling. Working hours vary from day to day, but usually these are about 10 per day, to sum up about 70 per week.

Your free time really is 100% Your own to enjoy; yet one has to strictly follow the rules and regulations in power, keep discipline and respect ethical principles in relations with colleagues, officers and passengers alike. Upon embarkation You will be introduced to the contents of Ship Rules and Regulations brochure.


- Alcohol abuse

- Use or possession of any narcotic substances

- Racial, religious or sex hints or insults

- Fights

Regarding the abovementioned cases there follows immediate dismissal from work and deportation with no comments. With regards to minor disciplinary abuses there follows a "written notice", third written notice issuance leading to deportation as well.

How shall I keep in contact with my relatives while on a contract, what do I put in my luggage, after how many months do I come back for a vacation? How do I keep or transfer my earnings ?

This issue has also been addressed in the so-called Orientation classes yet the usual contract period comes to be between 6 and 8 months.

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